»It’s all about the journey, not the outcome.«  (Carl Lewis)


  • We don’t offer the cheapest travel options, we offer just the right ones.
  • Depending on availability, we aim not to offer »red eye« flights, so you don’t have to break a record running to catch your connecting flight.
  • We know your preferences: aisle or window seat, extra leg room seat, special onboard meals.
  • We find accommodation close to the event location, arrange early check in or late check out in case you celebrate your victory until morning hours.


  • We are here for you 24/7/365. If we are not in the office, we are probably watching the game and cheering for you.
  • We understand that passengers in travel emergency situations need an experienced, professional and reliable person, for that you can always expect an agent that will take your needs, carrier rules and conditions in consideration, and at the same time will try to minimise travel costs.


Has the outcome of the competition effected your travel plans?

  • We offer airline tickets, with rules that allow date changes or cancellation, checked baggage is always included in the fare.
  • You can change all your travel services (airline ticket, hotel, rent a car, transfer) with one call.


Returning with a medal?

  • We will advise you on the safest transport option for your sport equipment, we check the carrier rules and limitations, we take care that your additional or bulky baggage is confirmed and paid in advance.
  • We can also insure your sport equipment, file a compensation claim, communicate with the airport and carriers in case of delayed or damaged baggage.