Special assistance

“See the possibility, not the problem.”

We offer customized service to all of our passengers and we go an extra mile for all of them. There are some trips that just need a little more attention to detail so your travel is stress-free, safe and comfortable.

If you are traveling or planning travel for:

  • Unaccompanied minors (children up to 12 years old traveling alone)
  • Personal assistance (needs an accompanying person for travel)
  • Disabled or reduced mobility passengers
  • Traveling with special baggage (bulky, oversized, overweight)
  • Traveling with weapons
  • VIP (high profile passengers, passengers with armed escorts)
  • Pregnant
  • Traveling with infant
  • Medical cases (injuries, needs medicine during flight)
  • Special dietary and health needs

Let us know if there is anything special regarding your trip and we will take care of the rest. We will inform you about airline rules and fees, request special service and all the necessary forms and requirements. Your request for travel or transport will have to be approved by the airline beforehand, some of the service are also chargeable and must be paid in advance.

Don’t be shy, the more we know the easier it is to find just the perfect solution for you.